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Have you really found your 'Specialist'?

Yes, I AM 'a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity'


Yes, I AM a 'person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field' . I am highly skilled in making money in the Internet Marketing field, and especially in the restricted areas of video marketing, listbuilding, and affiliate marketing.  (I know a LOT about other parts of the IM field but those are my strongest skill-sets.)

So Yes...

You HAVE found your specialist!

BUT ... finding a specialist and finding one who really wants to help you are often different things.

But not this time.

I have the t-shirt! I've been there- done that!  I make my living actually DOING the stuff and not just teaching it


the thing that REALLY floats my boat is helping other people !


You are definitely in the right place if you want to become an online  business success.

On This Site...

You'll find ONLY programs, products, systems and advice that will actually work to help you become the online success you've only been promised before but haven't seemed to received.

Browse through the site and you'll find out who I am and a little about my story, how to connect with me , what really works and what doesn't, and some of the things you MUST DO in order to built a real business online. And for those of you who actually want help and have read to this point, there's a page that is hard to get to (for obvious reasons...it's only for those really trying and that will be action takers) where you can get four awesome gifts that will supercharge your pathway to success. Enjoy!