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3K Ignition

I almost NEVER give 5 of 5 stars in a review but Spencer does such a great job MAKING his students make money in this coaching program that I'd be doing everyone reading this a huge disservice if I didn't give it 5 of 5.

Do you agree with me that everyone trying to show you how to 'make your mark' on the internet always makes it waaaaaay too complicated?

Well, I try to make things simple and a friend of mine does too. In fact, he uses that concept in even the name he goes by online.  If you try to find him by any other name you will have troubles because he goes by his online brand name...Simple Spencer.

And that is exactly what he does.  He simplifies things that others complicate.

Simple Spencer is a guy that I was impressed enough with to bite the bullet and pay top dollar for some of his coaching.  And I am super glad I did!

The exciting thing is that you can do the same only at a fantastic price for some outstanding coaching.  Simple Spencer's online coaching program I'm referring to is called
"$3K Ignition".

If $3,000 to $5,000 every month is something you'd like to make, then this system is the answer. He makes more than $30,000 per month on a consistent basis and he isn't afraid to show you how to do it for yourself.

In fact, one of the things Simple Spencer emphasized over and over when he was coaching me was that a buyer's list is 25 times more valuable than a list of prospects. So his goal in the "$3K Ignition" coaching is to not only get you making at least $3,000 every month but to get you building your buyer's list by at least 500 (and maybe even up to 1000) every month at the same time.

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