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About Me

My name, as you may already know, is Steve Allen.  Before I began my internet marketing and consulting career I was an assistant pastor at a large church in Portland, Oregon. I spent 20 years there before moving to Northern California to help in a church there. I am now in Helena, Montana assisting the pastor at a church there...so you can see helping people and being of assistance in any way I can is just who I am.

While I was in California my wife died of ovarian cancer and, needless to say, that changed my life completely.  I went from church work and construction (on the side) to full time 'mom'. Wow- what a difference. (I'm quite sure my 11 year old definitely preferred her first mom).

So I decided to learn something new that I could work at from home and that would maintain an income for years to come (unlike land development or construction that I had been doing which both went up and down with the economy cycles).

I really needed something I could do from home as a single dad while homeschooling my daughter (our youngest) and also something that wasn't like construction where I had to stay gone for hours or days at a time like. As I looked ahead into what I thought the future looked like, and from the insight I had gained from marketing and selling my book online (which is still available online at my blog where I still have a fairly thorough natural remedies research and insights site), I thought websites and web-based businesses were the way to go for my future.  I was right and sooooo glad I made that change.

I decided that land development and construction was too shaky a business to depend on (in that political and economic environment I was right).  So I started learning everything I could about the internet. At that point I was desperate and needed something that would not only make money for me (finanical freedom) but give me the time I needed to raise my last daughter and continue helping in the church. And wow- am I ever glad I decided on the internet route!

I've been quietly making a living on the internet ever since then.  (Yes, I did get married again and helped my new wife in her catering and restaurant business that she has since quit.) But before that I researched the cancer issue that had just taken my first wife and I discovered some very disturbing things about reasons why we are not allowed by the FDA to have information about natural cures. I wrote a book about it and started marketing it online where my eyes were opened to the endless possibilities of a gigantic market for virtually anything.

That is definitely not something I'd advise anyone else to do today. I did it that way because there wasn't really much available showing how to do it back then. I just learned as I went. Today it is so easy to outsource anything you don't know that I can hardly believe how I used to do it.

Going through the long learning curve on much of the technical aspects of web-based business was such a long, arduous and time-consuming ordeal that it actually kept me from doing what I really was good at. And it will do the same to you today if you don't let others help and teach you so you can stay focused on what you are good at.  (That's a whole discussion for another day...just know I'm going to advise anyone asking not to feel like you have to KNOW everything before you DO anything.)

But I never quit loving to help people.  That is actually what REALLY floats my boat (so to speak).  I LOVE seeing people make a better life for themselves and their families no matter what part of it you’re referring to.  I started helping people by counseling in marriage issues (which I still do and am pretty good at) and most recently by showing people how to make a very good living by working only part time on the internet so they can spend more time with their family and helping other people. Family is what it’s all about. That’s pretty much foundational for anyone.

But here is a good bit of advice it you’re considering starting an internet type business.  Don’t do it just for the money's sake or it'll probably not last long. But if you start with a desire to help others and spend your time doing that the money will follow (and you'll enjoy it too).

So...back to my internet learning. I had taught myself to code in html and had been building websites for people way before WordPress or Wix or other easy-to-use drag and drop website builders were even thunk up.  And I started doing SEO (search engine optimization) before it was popular too (back when it was easy to rank a website in the search engines).

I was doing well. I had numerous clients that I'd built websites for and I maintained the sites for them.  But that was all about to change.

In 2012, everything came crashing down around my ears when I had a major brain hemorrhage type stroke and everything that I had learned disappeared out of my head.  I ended up in a life-flight helicopter ride to a larger city just to save my life.

After that ordeal was over I had to start all over from scratch and please believe me when I tell you... that isn't easy. Just walking without hanging onto the walls was almost too much. But I still had to bring home the bacon so I went back to relearning what I had known before the stroke.

But at least by that time WordPress was around and I could get my own websites and affiliate promotions back up relatively quickly.  I say relatively quickly but it actually took a LONGGGGG time because I was learning to walk and talk all over again just as if I was a child.  NOT fun! Soooooo, if I can do it…so can YOU!

Anyway, as I struggled to learn again, I purchased dozens of online marketing courses and have become what many would call an internet marketing specialist.  I know a lot about a lot but what is good for you is that I want others to have a great life too so I’m willing to help.

Sometimes the best help I can give is directing you to an online course I’ve learned a lot from and when that is the best, that is what I’ll do.  Other times, I’ll look through a newly launched course and instantly know what is good about it, bad about it and what’s been accidentally (or sometimes intentionally) left out. When that’s the case I’ll add some bonuses to my recommendations to make it work out well for you and we’ll go from there.

But remember this, most of all when you wonder WHO I am.  I’m the guy who knows the scoop and is willing to help you if or when I can.

When was the last time Steve was on the website making sure it stays up to date? August 22, 2018