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It doesn’t really matter HOW you got here but
you are here.  Congrats! Jackpot!!!

This entire site is designed to make you a success.

I could spend tons of time trying to make money by figuring out how to take yours but that isn’t my style (or my business plan). I have always felt that if you give, and then give a little more and then when you’re out of stuff to give you just figure it out and give just a little more, that in the long run it will come back to you…and it has.

So that’s what this whole website is about.

I Want You To Make it BIG

I know how to show you the way to that so that’s what I’ll do here.

There’s not nice way to put this, but…

The ONLY way you’ll ever make any money online is to…

  1. Quit thinking the way you used to.  I have a quote printed and taped to the top of my computer monitor to remind me…
    Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
    Nuff said. 🙂  Pretty sure you get the point! Another quote taped to the bottom of my computer monitor also reminds me not to be such a perfectionist but to just get things done instead.   It says, “Sloppy Success is Better than Perfect Mediocrity”. I used to not get much done because I was such a perfectionist that if it wasn’t absolutely perfect I didn’t want my name associated with it.  That is garbage.  I’ve lived and learned.  I try to do things quite a bit better than the next guy but I’m not worried to put it out there at 95% now.
  2. Find a proven method that makes others money (and that doesn’t violate your integrity and ethics) and follow that plan.
    You see, just in case you are new to the Make Money Online (MMO) industry (and an entire industry it IS), there are huge amounts of so-called ‘gurus’ that are supposed to know everything and that write their sales letters selling their products as if they know everything but they are only doing it to make THEMSELVES a buck. They could really care less about who they end up ripping off in the process.Well, that is WAAAAY outside my comfort level.  I was raised with integrity and plan to die with it. So if you need help, that’s what you’ll get here.
  3. You gotta just DO IT.  There’s no such thing as a push-button internet business where you can play all day at the beach and money will pour in to your bank account just because you’re so wonderful. After you find a method that works for you and make a plan like was talked about in #2 above, you may be able to work a bit less than when you start but getting to that point takes a bit of effort.  You have to quit LEARNING what to do and START DOING IT. Ya, ya, I know, it is a lot more fun buying all the bright shiny objects that the IM  (internet marketing) gurus create all the time than it is to become one but if you are a consumer instead of a creator, you’ll end up broke instead of rich.

So that’s what this whole website is about.


Change the way you think.

Find a method that works for you.

And…Go for it.  Just DO IT.

And to help you with that (just like I said in #2 above, here are some FREE things that will help you with that. (and you can have them for FREE without even optin in...just take action and they'll change your life.)

To Help Change the Way You Think… and change the way you think.

To Help you Find a Method That is Right For YOU… and then choose well.

If you have a problem making things happen ... and it should help.

If you think what you have isn't quite good enough… and then just GO FOR IT. Don’t wait.