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Guaranteed Coaching from an IM Specialist

Are you fed up with all the useless business models shown in the
Internet Marketing industry that simply DO NOT work?

Well, I'm giving THIS business model and THIS coaching program 5 stars!


Because it is ME doing the coaching on a business model that I KNOW works! And I know what I'll put into making you a success. So YOU BET! This is 5 star stuff!

"Earn $3,000 per month
Get 500 to 1000 'Buyer' Leads"

If $3k/mo or $5k/mo is your goal.. then this system is the ANSWER.. There is no better business model!

  • You don't need experience. (That will come while you earn.)
  • You don't need a list. (You'll soon have one.)
  • You don't need any technical skills. (You can either learn or outsource...your choice.)

If I had to start all over again, knowing what I know now...I'd use this EXACT method.

You can't imagine how much time and headache it would've saved me.

There is are BOATLOADS of absolute garbage courses out there right now...
And every single day TONS of new 'sexy' and 'shiny' courses and methods get launched...

And just in case you didn't know (I bet you actually know this but just ignore it...) 99% of the products you can buy right now won't do anything at all for your bank account.

The reason is because lots of the vendors just continue to sell you SMOKE and MIRRORS.

That is how they pay their bills.

If you don't buy they don't eat.

So they sell you half-baked, useless stuff expecting you to come back to get the final piece so you can succeed.

But I'm not one of those...

I will make sure you get results. Period.

Before I was making a fulltime living online I dreamed of the day when I would.

It took me years of trial and error but I didn't have someone telling me every turn to take.

I have tested this business model every which way and it works like crazy and it works every single time...

When I had a stroke and had to start all over with a career...this is exactly what I did...instead of taking some 9-5 job.

Without this system my bank balance would be ZERO.

And imagine if you were making thousands that every single month. Would that help you? Would you to quit your job? Would you to pay off your debts? Would you go on a vacation? You decide what you'd do with thousands of extra dollars every month.

I want that for you. There is not much I love more than watching people I coach become the success THEY want to be.

It's so EASY to hit 3k/mo, 5k/mo or even 10k/mo when you have the right business model and know how to make it work.

This right here is that model is here...

I'm calling it simply:

"Guaranteed Coaching by an IM Specialist"

That seems like an appropriate name since this is guaranteed and is coaching for the FASTEST and most SUREFIRE way to get you to the 3k/mo mark and beyond by an Internet Marketing Specialist...Me.

With what you'll learn from me, you simply cannot lose.

You will succeed...finally!

This is how it is going to work:

We'll have a weekly webinar for 6 weeks with only those of you committed to success online.  I'll show you everything you need to do and give you a LOT of insider tips and tricks that most 'gurus' don't even know.

  • Week 1: Start Right - Overview and Preparation

I want you to hit the ground running so I'll pull back the curtain and revealing some of my best-kept secrets to help you get started. You'll get a 30,000 foot view of the entire business model and know exactly where to start.

  • Week 2: Setting the System in Place

If you don't start with a good foundation you can build a mansion and it'll come crashing down.  We'll get you started on the right foot so your 'mansion' will last for years to come. (This week you should be making enough to pay back your investment many times over.)

  • Week 3: Scaling It So You Can Fire Your Boss

This is what you're doing this all for...so you can live a life of freedom. With many coaching programs you'll never learn this stuff but only 3 weeks in you'll know more than most wannabe marketers ever will.

  • Week 4: What Happens AFTER You Fire Your Boss

Even after you're your own boss, there's more money to make than you ever dreamed of...and here is when you'll find out how. If you do this you'll NEVER look back.  If you don't...don't worry about that because you WILL after you see what it'll do for you.

  • Week 5: Becoming the Best You Can

You're already the owner of a life-changing business BUT you need to know how to make that business work for you instead of you working for it.  That is what week 5 is all about.

  • Week 6: Paydays to Write Home About

This can be as big as you want to make it. Run your business the right way and you can make as much as you want. It's up to you when you learn how to take this step.

Oh...and also this final week includes a final review of your business so you can do the right minor tweaks it to make it the best it can be.

Did You Notice? Week 1 & 2 has you making back what you invested quickly!

And then in weeks 3-6 you'll learn how to make even more.

This is the only time you'll have to invest in yourself.  I don't have any 'Upsells' at all.  This one time, small investment is the least expensive and most valuable education you could get anywhere.

You will have to make some very tiny business cost investments as you grow and learn. You'll need a domain, a hosting account and an autoresponder to start with and then as you scale to 5 & 6 figures you'll need to (and want to and be able to) invest in some more advanced tools that will help you grow even more.

But for now, this is the best education about the best business available.

Oh! And YES! There IS a Guarantee!

Thus the name...'Guaranteed Coaching from an IM Specialist'

This is an Absolute Money-Back-If-You're-Not-Satisfied Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your new business knowledge or even with my methods of coaching just send me a quick email and I'll refund every penny. Even if you go through the first 4 weeks of training and you actually think you didn't get $297 worth of honest value, just let me know and we'll part ways as friends.

I am totally convinced that if you try using my system, you WILL succeed. I've NEVER had even one person request a refund so I don't think you will either.  You'll get waaaaay more than you paid for.

(I usually require proof that you've tried before refunding but because of the huge value of this coaching program and the gigantic upside if you DO what I say, I'm assuming that anyone investing in this will actually do it and not ask for a refund .)

Here's Another Guarantee!

I guarantee you that if you don't make the decision to make an investment in yourself today and you keep doing the same thing you're doing right now, you will most likely continue to get the same results you are in your business right now.

I Get Results! And My Students Get Results!

My goal is to see as many people as I can quit living from paycheck to paycheck and begin living a life of financial freedom.  Let me help you be one of those people.

Simply Click the 'Add to Cart' button below and let's get started making you some money!

If you come back to this page tomorrow and it won't load it is because I've taken it down until these coaching sessions are over and the price for the next group of students will be higher.  You're getting in on this once-in-a-lifetime deal. Don't miss it!

Steve Allen - Your IM Specialist