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Honest & Unbiased Product Reviews

As you have probably read in the 'Business Models' page  (if if you haven't read it go do that first) that information products are a great way to make money. But what I didn't say there was that they also are a GREAT way to learn.  You can get many information products for less than the cost of going to a movie.  I'll let you in on a secret here though...many information products, while they have good information in them are not designed to really help you get 'the whole picture'.  If they were and you DID 'get the whole picture' and took action on it, whoever created that product couldn't make any more money from you because you'd be doing exactly what they showed you in the information product and wouldn't need to buy anything else.

But there are two things you need to know .

  1. Even if you bought 50 products at about $7 your total cost would be only $350 and that is a super cheap education .  And with 50 information products you can get a LOT of education.
  2. This is the most important thing you'll ever read IF YOU DO IT!  Way too many people get caught up in what is often called 'bright shiny object syndrome' and keep buying products forever and never take action on what they learn.
    Almost any product you buy will make you money if you just do what it says. But what the product creators are counting on is that you won't take action but will be back to buy the next information product they produce.
    So here is the key... JUST DO IT! Take action on what you learn. You have to become a producer, making things or promoting other people's products (producing money) instead of being a constant consumer, buying product after product and never doing what it tells you to do.

The products that you'll find reviewed her are not just so-so, run-of-the-mill, it-might-work-and-it-might-not type products.  You'll find ONLY products that I have purchased, taken the time to implement them, and made money using them.

So basically I'm going to say, these are the best of the best .  You will find different categories of products reviewed so you can find good stuff in whatever category you are looking for. If you haven't already, look at the ' Business Models' page of this website to find out how to make  good decisions that match who you are and what you long-term goals are. One that page you will also find a very educational report that is yours free (from me) that will give you over 50 ways to make money online.

Complete Business Models

Guaranteed Coaching by an IM Specialist - This complete coaching course shows the exact business model proven to make a LOT of money online. I'll take you from nothing to firing your boss very quickly for almost no investment. You can't lose with this.

3K Ignition - A complete business model shown in video by Simple Spencer who specializes on keeping things simple but makes tons of money online. This is a great coaching program.

Video Marketing

Tube Rank Explosion - An extensive video series on how to rank videos on YouTube

Affiliate Marketing

Commission Resurrection - A complete video series showing affiliate marketing as a business model for making a full time income.

Email Marketing (Listbuilding)

Zero Hour Work Days - If you want to know how to make money on demand, this is the guy to learn from.

Blogging for Profit

20 Minute Results - This shows how to do affiliate marketing in a blog setting.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

- This is software that actually creates video sites for you and gets traffic to them. Pretty cool stuff if you're into that at all.