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Zero Hour Work Days

This is what you need to really make money online... a list that will be your ATM any time you need it.

Everyone who  makes any real money in internet marketing uses some kind of email marketing strategy in place.  I'm sure you've heard that 'the money is in the list'. Well, that is only partially true.  Sure, you must build a list in your niche to send added promotions to but if you abuse those on your list by sending too many promotions, not written right, and not enough of what will keep them from unsubscribing, you'll constantly be fighting a losing battle in your email marketing campaigns.

Brendan Mace knows email marketing. Period.  He does it well. He teaches it well. And it isn't something he makes courses on that he doesn't really use in his everyday business or life.

This course, Zero Hour Work Days , could be put in the 'Affiliate Marketing' category because it shows you how to make money in the way the majority of online marketers do but I put it in this 'ListBuilding' category because so much of what Branden does online ends up pointing back to how he builds his list, how he treats his list and how he goes against a lot of conventional email marketing advice in how he implements his strategies.

If I was new at Internet Marketing and needed to have a great place to start, this course is what I'd start with.  He doesn't mince words or include a lot of fluff.  He's just all about doing the basics the right way and that's what he teaches inside this very low-cost training course.

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